Resources for WPAs


These pages contain resources for WPAs to implement place-conscious reforms on a programmatic level. Pages include considerations for topics of interest to WPAs including professional development, curriculum development, building interdepartmental and inter- and extra-institutional relationships, and generating buy-in for reform and interventions.

Each page contains a variety of approaches and considerations. What you decide to do will be context-contingent. These resources provide a starting point to get you thinking about what you might change and how you might change it.

Programmatic Considerations for WPAs

Programmatic considerations which a WPA might make when moving toward a more place-conscious writing program include:

  • Generating buy-in from administrators, teaching faculty, and community partners.
  • Designing and conducting faculty development and supporting teaching faculty in designing place-conscious courses.
  • Developing a robust and nuanced understanding of topics and issues important to the local communities in which your institution operates.
  • Building and maintaining relationships with community partners.
  • Ensuring that any changes to curriculum still meet departmental or programmatic learning outcomes or articulated transfer requirements.
  • Designing, conducting, and rhetorically implementing assessment projects to continue to improve and justify the programmatic approach.
  • Understanding the diverse backgrounds of the student body and the teaching faculty to make sure all of their places are represented and respected.
  • Building connections with existing community-based writing initiatives, such as the National Writing Project, and professional organizations, such as the Coalition for Community Writing.


Resources collected here include: